■Compliance framework
The Enplas Group has a Compliance Committee that reports directly to the company president. The Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) serves as committee chair, and appoints a Local Compliance Officer (LCO) at each business site. LCOs collect views from employees and, in the Compliance Committee, discuss responsive measures and decide on training topics.
■Compliance training
Compliance training is held once annually and is led by LCOs at their respective business sites. Training is participatory and geared toward having employees personalize compliance in their own work. This includes presenting cases of noncompliance that have actually happened in the Group and comparing their causal factors and issues with the Corporate Philosophy, as well as examining compliance problems gathering public attention and considering the impacts they could have if they were to happen in the Enplas Group. Training in 2019 focused on such topics as the abuse of dominant position toward suppliers, harassment in the workplace, quality incidents, and bribery.
■Compliance inspections
We conduct a compliance inspection of all business sites once a year. The inspection includes study sessions in Japan and a list of 10 inspection items in other countries.
■Whistleblowing system
A third-party organization serves as a contact point for internal reports of harassment-related issues, while the legal department serves as the contact point for all other internal whistleblowing. These mechanisms are designed to prevent retaliation against reporters, and to keep persons involved in the case from taking part in the investigation process. One report was made in 2018 and one report in 2019, and both cases have been resolved.

Human rights policy
Guiding Principles on Human Rights (e.g., prohibition of forced labor, child labor, and harassment) are set forth in our Enplas Group Code of Conduct. Enplas (Europe) Ltd. discloses information on efforts made based on its UK Modern Slavery Act Statement.

Information disclosure based on UK Modern Slavery Act Statement

Enplas Group Code of Conduct, Guiding Principles

Human rights of our employees
Our Guiding Principles express our commitment to “strive to maintain positive and healthy work environments that prioritize human safety and wellbeing in all areas of our operations” and that “all actions that constitute sexual harassment, power harassment, and maternity harassment are prohibited.” We also conduct compliance training and operate whistleblowing system.

Human rights in the supply chain
We conduct supplier audits on a periodic basis. We plan to strengthen these audits going forward by expanding the number of checks related to forced labor and illegal labor practices.
■Number of cases of discrimination and responsive actions
Fiscal Year 2019: 0 cases
■Total hours of human rights training and percentage of trained employees
We do not hold training, but we do include supplier requirements on human rights in the Enplas Group Code of Conduct.
■Number of internal complaints reported
Fiscal Year 2019: 1 case (resolved)