Quality Policy and Environmental Policy

Quality Policy

Quality Policy


  1. The quality policy applies globally to all Enplas entities and activities.
  2. All Enplas entities have adopted ISO9001 as the fundamental framework of their quality management system.
  3. Based on the quality first policy, Enplas has made improvements across all business processes to manufacture and supply products that satisfy customers.
  4. In addition to being monitored locally, quality is also monitored and supported by headquarters to maintain quality worldwide.

Scope of Registration


Environmental commitment.

As the world population nears eight billion, the environmental stress to our planet is evident in terms of air and water polution and associated climate impact. The path that Enplas must follow with respect to environmental conservation is clear.

We believe that as a global enterprise it is a necessity for Enplas to obtain the ISO 14001 certification, a global standard for Environment Management Systems. In addition to having attained ISO 14001 certification, Enplas has developed an environmental manual based on ISO 14001 guidelines and made a ‘Declaration of Compliance’ in each section, including those which create fewer burdens to the environment. Our approach to environmental conservation is one conducted with strict self-discipline.

Kanuma Plant

Kanuma Plant – ISO 14001 certification

[Registered Organization]
Enplas Kanuma Plant

[Scope of Registration]
Development and manufacturing of plastic / composite material based precision components.


Environmental Policy

Enplas is actively engaged in environmental protection related activities across all aspects of the manufacturing process.

  1. We set environmental targets, built a company-wide environmental management system in order to achieve them, and continually work for improvement.
  2. Through the rationalization and improvement of the business, we will reduce of the environmental burden and promote energy conservation (reduction of power usage/ CO2 emissions).
  3. We will promote the reduction and recycling of waste plastic.
  4. In cooperation with suppliers we will strive to reduce the environmental impact of our supply chain.
  5. We will comply with all environmental regulations and environmental agreements.
  6. We will strive to prevent the emission of pollution from our corporate activities.
  7. As members of society, we will contribute to the protection of the environment.

Registration Status

Units and physical boundaries of the organization Classification Description of Business
Enplas Corporation Global Head Office Self-Declaration Development and manufacture of precision plastic components.
Head Office Self-Declaration
Kanuma Plant Examination Registrations
Domestic Group Companies Enplas Laboratories, Inc. Self-Declaration
Enplas Semiconductor Peripheral Corporation Self-Declaration
QMS Co., Ltd. Self-Declaration

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