Corporate Information

Message from the president

Working for a better tomorrow

Our various corporate activities, as a solution provider for essential markets, are carried out to help realize a better and sustainable future for society.

Drawing on our high-precision technologies that have been continuously developed since our founding, we’ve helped build a more prosperous society. We’ve tackled the challenge of developing high value-added products no one else can provide and providing products and services that meet and or exceed the needs of our customers.

In an increasingly global economy, we’re working with unprecedented speed to achieve total optimization. No matter how times may change, we believe one constant will remain, the need for solutions that anticipate market needs and increase the value of customers’ products. For this reason, our approach to take the initiative to rapidly develop new products, improve mass production technologies, and deliver products and services that meet and or exceed customer needs remain unchanged.

Our goal is to broaden our activities across various industries around the world, earning customer trust by achieving growth in existing markets and by leading proactive development of new businesses to cultivate new markets.