Privacy Policy

Enplas Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “This Company”) takes the utmost caution with customer privacy and personal information (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Personal Data”). We feel that the protection of Personal Data is fundamental to our business activities, as well as a social responsibility. To live up to our responsibilities in protecting Personal Data, This Company has implemented an internal system, and also enacts and enforces relevant policies, both of which are constantly improved in accordance with the subjects covered below.

Our Philosophy on Personal Data

This Company enforces standards for protecting individuals on the web sites that we operate. The philosophy of This Company on the Personal Data of customers on the Internet is described below.

  • Collection of Users’ Personal Data
    This Company sometimes receives Personal Data from users so that they may use the services we offer. As a basic rule, we do not collect Personal Data from users without first asking to do so. In cases where Personal Data is to be received from users, it is collected only after its use or intended purpose is made clear. (Please be aware that some services cannot be used in cases where users choose not to share their Personal Data.)
  • Use of Personal Data
    Use of Personal Data is limited to the purposes made clear to users prior to collection. If the need ever arises to use Personal Data for purposes outside of those made clear prior to collection, users will be promptly notified.
  • Data collected from users by This Company will not be provided to third parties, except in situations which correspond to one of the cases described below.
    (1) When the prior consent or agreement of the user has been obtained.
    (2) When settlement or document delivery is required for the use of a charged service.
    (3) When an enquiry is received from the user, or follow-up services are necessary for a product or service.
    (4) When the provision of such data is required by other laws and mandates.
  • In cases where Personal Data is shared with other companies for one of the reasons outlined in (3) above, we will insure that the other companies are contractually obligated to manage such data in a manner identical to the way that This Company does.
  • In the case that information about current or future products or services offered by This Company are judged to be beneficial to users, we may send or forward such information by e-mail or direct mail. Users may stop the sending and forwarding of this e-mail and direct mail by making a request to This Company.
  • This Company manages Personal Data collected from users in a secure and appropriate manner. Safe and protective measures are enforced to insure that Personal Data is not accessed inappropriately, destroyed, falsified, or leaked.
  • When a request is received to disclose the Personal Data of a user who is registered with This Company, the data is only disclosed after we follow established procedures to verify the identity of the user. Once this data has been disclosed, any portions which are inaccurate or wrong may be corrected.
  • This Company works to insure that business operations are in accordance with laws and other standards concerning the protection of Personal Data.
  • This Company seeks to continuously improve our protection and handling of Personal Data.

A Request to Users

This Company cannot take responsibility for the safety of Personal Data of users on web sites which have been linked to the web site operated by This Company (hereinafter referred to as “This Site”).
Users should carefully examine the policies for protecting Personal Data on sites not operated by This Company (these appear under various names, such as “Personal Data Protection Policy” and “Privacy Policy,” with the word “privacy” often used). When such standards are not present, users should actively seek to insure that their Personal Data is safe by contacting the relevant office or individual of the web site in question.

Customers’ access logs

Our Website records information of visitors in the form of access logs. Access logs include domain names and IP addresses of visitors, types of browsers used, access date/time, etc., but never information that identifies individuals. These access logs are used to maintain and manage the Website as well as for statistical analysis of usage conditions, but will never be used for other purposes.

Inquiries about our privacy policy

For other inquiries regarding your Personal Information, please contact the section to which you have provided your Personal Information.

※If you have not been informed which section should be approached for your inquiry. Please contact