Investor Relations

Greeting from the President

Our corporate mission is to “contribute to the development of a prosperous society.”

Since its founding, our company has brought higher precision and higher functionality to engineering plastics, our core business. Furthermore, in step with the changing times, we have expanded into the business areas of optical communications, semiconductor, and LEDs.

Daisuke Yokota, President

We plan on becoming increasingly involved in various industries, all over the world. As the world becomes more globalized, we are working toward total optimization at unprecedented speed. We will continue to set challenging goals, achieve technical innovation with passion and pursue the development of high-precision and high-function parts, in order to quickly provide products and services that are appreciated by our customers, and to become a company in which customers can place their trust.

Your continued guidance and support is greatly appreciated.


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IR Calendar

First-Quarter Results. July 29, 2022 IR calendar

Quiet Period

From June 9, 2022 to July 29, 2022
In the period immediately preceding release of earnings statements, for reasons of fairness and to prevent information leakage, we have established a quiet period. During the period, we refrain from answers to any comments or questions about closing statements. We ask for understanding and cooperation in regards to this matter. However, during the period, if important information corresponding to the rules for timely disclosure becomes apparent, as appropriate, we carry out disclosure of such information.