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Bringing “Sensing, Transmitting, Connecting.”
Technology into the IOT world.

Enplas—supporting the evolution of optical networks

Enplas products play a role in optical transceivers that support communications in large-scale data centers.
We assist customers from start to finish, in every process from design and development, to mass production.
Requests from customers who operate large-scale data centers have directly led to the development of new products.

Optical devices

Through research and development that takes into account optical transceiver customers’ development trends, in anticipation of improved performance cables, we offer standard products as well as custom products. It is also possible to check and evaluate the standard products, and then manufacture custom products.

Lens array for parallel communication

Lens array for parallel communications

An aspherical lens is adopted for VCSEL/PD optimized high-speed communication, and optical attenuation material is also available for the intensity adjustment of the laser beam. In addition to custom products, we also offer standard products.

Plastic Barrel

Plastic barrel

In addition to offering custom products, standard LC and SC types are also available. A common design on both the Tx (transmission side) and Rx (receiving side) allows it to be used either way, and it is also possible to customize laser intensity adjustment material.






18×18 LENS18×18 LENS

Peripherals partsPeripherals parts

Optical Fiber Communication standard lenses line-up

Our technical strength that achieves high quality also pursues ease of assembly for the customer.

Including optical design for more compact optical modules, we assist customers with a consistent system supported by our processing technology, from development to mass production. Ease of assembly and high quality has earned Enplas a position of high esteem with our customers.


Optical design

Based on the data we have accumulated and the high degree of control we can exercise in shaping plastics, we can confidently respond to customer needs. Compared to glass lenses, it is possible to reduce both the number of parts and weight.

Product design

We propose optimal specifications to each customer by combining precision molding, customized materials, and advanced optical design capabilities, matched to specific laser/photodetection characteristics.

Processing technology

Processing technology

In order to process complex product shapes, as well as to ensure accuracy on the micron level, we have introduced ultra-precision nanometer level processing machines capable of producing high quality products.

Manufacturing Technology and Quality Management

Manufacturing technology and quality management

By using clean rooms for manufacturing, we are able to realize the production of high-quality products. Establishment of a quality assurance system based on global standards allows for a stable raw materials supply that support mass production.

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