ESG at Enplas


Since our founding, Enplas Corporation has contributed to society by delivering creative value to the global markets through our specialization in precise processing of engineering plastics. Our Corporate Philosophy represents our business policies, spirit, and ethics of the Enplas Group, articulates our corporate mission to contribute to societal development, and lays out basic principles for corporate governance of the Enplas Group. By providing high value-added products and services that meet the needs of markets worldwide, we have become a global enterprise with operations in 14 countries and regions, with markets outside Japan accounting for 80% of consolidated sales.
Businesses today face rising stakeholder expectations on information disclosure and business continuity measures, such as environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives and actions on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Enplas Group, under the president’s leadership, has formulated a long-term vision connecting our core competencies to social issues, and is communicating with employees about the Group’s ESG initiatives. We are also advancing a project to enhance the overall performance of the Enplas Group in areas ranging from human capital development to the SDGs to next-generation factories.

Corporate Philosophy (formulated 1997)

Our Goals (connecting social issues with our core competencies)


Defining and engaging stakeholders

The Enplas Corporate Governance Policy defines our stakeholders as shareholders, etc.; employees; customers; suppliers; and society. The Enplas Group is a dedicated manufacturer with key operations in manufacturing, processing, and sales of various products made from engineering plastics and their composites. For this reason, we are especially focused on building sustainable relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees.

Customer engagement
We view customer engagement not only as meeting customers’ needs but also as taking proactive steps to solve the problems they face and proposing ways to improve the functionality of their products.

Supplier engagement
Suppliers of the Enplas Group consist primarily of manufacturers of engineering plastic materials and partner companies to whom we outsource injection molding of parts. Because many of these partner companies are small and medium-sized enterprises, and also for our own business continuity, it is important that we create win-win relationships with them. This is why, for example, we include next-month cash payment as part of our payment terms. Moreover, our Materials Procurement Group serves as a point of contact for partner companies and makes efforts to listen to issues they raise and to make improvements for better partnerships.

Employee engagement
In 1964, the company president began holding monthly birthday parties to connect with individual employees and express appreciation for them in their birthday month. Anniversary parties, held every year with company-wide participation, including company presidents and officers, at locations ranging from Singapore (where we set up operations in 1975) to the US and UK, to Southeast Asia and China, help unite the Group on a global level.

Identifying risks and opportunities

The Enplas Group is a manufacturer of high-precision, high-performance parts. This makes our business sensitive to changes in product markets, and poses a challenge to setting fixed medium- to long-term business plan. For this reason, we do not disclose medium-term business plans. However, to provide a future outlook for stakeholders, we plan to conduct a materiality assessment and formulate medium- to long-term ESG targets.
Drawing connections between our core competencies and social issues has shed a light on our risks and opportunities. Going forward, by applying our advanced expertise built on engineering plastics to such fields as irrigation, sterilization, genetic testing, and food testing, we aim to create solutions that contribute to water resource efficiency, food safety, expansion of healthy life expectancy, and more. And as marine plastic waste draws increasing attention, we are also working to reduce our own levels of engineering plastic waste.

Promoting ESG in the Group

ESG-related decision-making in the Enplas Group is carried out by our Corporate Planning Group. Important matters discussed by the Corporate Planning Group are shared with relevant officers and also further deliberated upon by the Board of Directors and the Corporate Strategy Meeting. The company president and senior executives deliver messages on ESG at morning assemblies held at business sites across Japan, and the content of those talks can be reviewed on the Group portal website. The General Affairs Group and Legal Group are in charge of communicating ESG information to employees and training employees on ESG topics.

ESG management organization Chart

Industry affiliations

Shown below is a list of key organizations of which the Enplas Group is a member.
・Saitama Plastic Products Industrial Association
・Association of Plastic Molders East Japan
・Japan Die & Mold Industry Association, East Branch
The Saitama Plastic Products Industrial Association contributes to the development of the mold industry through administering skills certification for injection molding.