Corporate governance

Corporate Governance Policy

Corporate Governance Policy Since its founding, Enplas has been contributing to society through specialized value added manufacturing of high precision plastic components. The corporate philosophy, embodying management policy, corporate culture, and corporate ethics, clarifies the corporate mission of contributing to society and forms the basis of corporate governance. In accordance with the corporate philosophy and to create sustainable increases in corporate value, Enplas is enacting the corporate governance policy and will endeavor to ensure ongoing enhancement of corporate governance.

Corporate Governance Policy

Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Risk management
In anticipation of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and typhoons, the Enplas Group has in place a disaster response headquarters headed by the head of the Administration Division. The headquarters carries out site-specific risk identification through the preparation of hazard maps, among other activities. Going forward, we will devise risk reduction measures for scenarios such as downed communications from cyber-attacks, transportation disruptions, pathogens, major power outages, and terrorism, and will also create hazard maps that cover customers, suppliers, partner companies, and other stakeholders. To address disaster risk, we have introduced distributed data storage as well as a safety confirmation system that includes suppliers as well as our own employees. In the supply chain, we practice multiple sourcing and also distribute partner companies geographically.

Business Continuity Planning and Management (BCP/BCM)
The Enplas Group has grown by transforming our comprehensive expertise built on engineering plastics into value for customers in a wide range of industries. To continue growing sustainably, we are working to pass on skills to younger generations of employees and also accumulate and operationalize data by digitalizing it.

Fair and transparent transactions
Our Guiding Principles state: “The exchange of gifts and entertainment in the context of business must in no way deviate from the scope set by national laws and regulations or of societal norms. Actions that constitute bribery or other legal violations of law are strictly prohibited.” Our compliance mechanism requires employees and managers to report to or consult a LCO when they receive a request for exchange of gifts or entertainment from a national or local government official or from a staff member of a government-associated company.
Transactions with suppliers, meanwhile, must be carried out “fairly and appropriately in accordance with national laws and regulations, company rules, and business customs.” We carry out fact-finding audits to check for unfair dealings in relationships with suppliers with which we have done business continually for a certain period.

Security & Intellectual Property

Information security and cyber security
The Enplas Group has a Security Management Committee in charge of advancing the Group’s IT infrastructure and implementing cyber security measures. Our Information Management Regulations stipulate the handling of information and the routes of transmitting information in the event of an information leak. All Group employees undergo training on these rules. We take various steps to address risks related to the deliberate sending or taking of data outside the company, such as setting access permissions, data encryption, and email log analysis. We build our accounting and other important systems used globally to meet a set recovery time (RTO).

Handling of personal information
We include items on the handling of personal information in our information management rules and have also formulated and disclosed a privacy policy. All Group employees worldwide take a security training once a year.

Handling of intellectual property (IP)
We strive to increase our number of inventions by establishing rules on patent application and incentives for inventors. Instead of simply aiming to apply and acquire IP rights for all innovations with patent potential, we pursue application and rights acquisition strategically to develop a patent portfolio. We submit applications to acquire rights on IP, including patents, utility models, and designs, on a global basis. In fiscal year 2019, we own approximately 1,100 IP rights.
While we are not currently engaged in any disputes over IP rights, we do thorough research to ensure that our IP rights are not infringed and that we do not infringe the IP rights of other companies. Utilizing our network of patent and law firms in Japan and the US, we collect the latest information on global developments in IP, including in China and Europe.