Year 1962
  • Dai-ichi Seiko established at Kumano, Itabashi Ward, Tokyo on Feb. 21.(Capital:1,000,000 yen)
  • Integrated production of engineering plastic parts including mold manufacture to injection molding initiated.
Year 1963 イメージ画像
  • Head office and plant relocated to Higashi Ogu, Arakawa Ward, Tokyo.
  • Injection molding method established for small gears with “involute” and “cycloid” teeth using “Delrin”, a polyacetal resin.
Year 1964
  • First capital increase. (Capital:3,000,000 yen)
Year 1965
  • Kawaguchi Plant opened in Kawaguchi City, Saitama.
  • An all plastic counter developed.
Year 1967
  • Kawaguchi Plant enlarged. Renamed Saitama Plant, adopts an integrated production process from mold manufacture to injection molding.
  • Nagoya Office opened.
Year 1968 イメージ画像
  • “ADD-O-CHECK”, an all plastic counter, received the Good Design Award from the Ministry of International Trade Industry (now Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).
Year 1969
  • Second plant opened in Yahei, Kawaguchi City.
  • Annex built for Saitama Plant.
Year 1970
  • Osaka Office opened in Kita Ward, Osaka.
Year 1971 イメージ画像
  • Head Office relocated to Namiki, Kawaguchi City, Saitama.
  • Japan’s first automated molding system developed.
  • Automated precision-molding plant completed and started its operation in Yahei, Kawaguchi City.
Year 1973 イメージ画像
  • Trademark ‘Enplas’ registered.
  • ‘Polastic’, a composite material containing lubricants, developed.
  • ‘Enplas Hub’ and ‘Enplas Roller’, components within audio-cassettes developed and marketed.
Year 1974
  • Enplas becomes the first Japanese molding plant to win approval from the world renowned “Underwriter`s Laboratories, Inc., (UL)” of U.S.A.
  • Technical Center completed in Yahei, Kawaguchi City.
Year 1975
  • Enplas Co., (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of Dai-ichi Seiko established.
  • ‘Enplas Balls’, high-precision plastic balls developed and marketed.
Year 1976
  • Sendai Office opened in Tagajo City, Miyagi.
Year 1977
  • Constant temperature and humidity precision measurement room completed at Technical Center.
Year 1978 イメージ画像
  • ‘Enplas Reel’, original design video-cassette reel developed and marketed.
  • ‘Plamac’, a ferrite-mixed plastic magnet developed.
  • Plastic counter for tape recorders developed and marketed.
Year 1979
  • Tenth capital increase.(Capital: 200,000,000 yen)
  • An ‘Optical Connector’ for 125μ quartz fiber developed, fused with optoelectronics technology.
Year 1980 イメージ画像
  • Research & Development Division split off as independent company, incorporated as Dai-ichi Seiko Laboratories, Inc.
  • Enplas (U.S.A.), Inc. established in Georgia, U.S.A.
  • ‘VDG Roller’, a VCR tape guide roller, developed.
Year 1981
  • Ibaraki Dai-ichi Seiko Co., Ltd., established in Mitsukaido City, Ibaraki.
Year 1982
  • Public offering of company shares for the Tokyo Over-the-Counter Market and 14th capital increase.(Capital: 440,000,000 yen)
  • Cassette Division established in Hatogaya City, Saitama.
  • A mini-counter for tape recorders developed and marketed.
Year 1983 イメージ画像
  • ‘IC Sockets’ for IC testing developed and marketed.
Year 1984
  • Company shares listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Second Section Sixteenth capital increase.(Capital: 3,711,400,000 yen)
  • Tochigi Plant opened in Yaita City, Tochigi.
  • Development Devision established.
  • ’8 mm videotape cassette’ developed and marketed.
  • ‘Mac-Coder’, a magnetic encoder developed, utilizing ‘Plamac’.
Year 1985
  • Tochigi Plant No.2 completed.
  • Enplas (U.S.A.), Inc., relocated to newly completed plant.
  • DIC Co., Ltd. Established.
  • QMS (Quick Molding Service) system developed to expedite product development.
Year 1986
  • QMS Building completed, QMS Co., Ltd. Established.
  • European Branch opened in the U.K.
  • DAT cassettes developed and marketed.
  • Plastic lenses developed and marketed.
Year 1987 イメージ画像
  • Ai Shin Jung Kong Co., Ltd. established in South Korea.
  • Nagoya Office relocated to Anjo City.
  • Enplas Co., (Singapore) Pte. Ltd, relacated to newly completed plant.
Year 1988 イメージ画像
  • Technical Center Annex completed.
  • LCD backlight developed and marketed.
  • Enplas Co., (U.K.) Limited established, merged with European Branch.
  • Composite material with good conductivity and low frictional resistance developed. First product made with it was cassette tape guide.
  • ‘Open-Top IC Socket’ patented in the U.S. and Japan.
Year 1989 イメージ画像 イメージ画像
  • Ultra-precision plastic lenses for CD player optical pick-up developed. Mass production started.
  • Tokyo Office opened.
  • EC branch opened in Dusseldorf, West Germany. (now Germany)
  • Plastic shutter for 3.5-inch floppy disks developed, mass production started.
Year 1990
  • Ai Shin Jung Kong Co., Ltd renamed Enplas (Korea), Inc.
  • Company name changed to Enplas Corporation.
  • Dai-ichi Seiko Laboratories, Inc., renamed Enplas Laboratories, Inc,.
  • Enplas Tech Corporation established.
  • Enplas Precision (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. established, operation initiated.
  • Hologram diffraction gratings developed.
Year 1991
  • Osaka Office relocated to Ibaraki City, Osaka renamed.
  • Ibaraki Dai-ichi Seiko Co., Ltd. renamed Enplas Ibaraki Co., Ltd.
  • QMS Co., Ltd. relocated to new building.
  • Enplas Kanuma Corporation established.
Year 1992
  • Enplas Ibaraki absorbed, operations commenced as Ibaraki Plant.
  • New Enplas Head Office Building completed.
  • Dot printless Light guide panels (SP-LGP) for LCD backlight developed.
Year 1993
  • ISO 9002 certification obtained by Enplas. (U.K.)
  • Enplas Tech (U.S.A), Inc. established in Carifornia, U.S.A.
Year 1994 イメージ画像
  • ISO 9001 certification obtained by Enplas Corporation.
  • Full mold LGP for LCD backlight developed.
  • ISO 9002 certification obtained by Enplas Co., (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
  • World-first plastic impeller for turbocharger developed.
Year 1995
  • Semiconductor Peripherals Devision opened its office in Omiya City (now Saitama City), Saitama.
  • Enplas (U.S.A.), Inc. relocated to newly completed plant.
Year 1996 イメージ画像
  • High-luminance LCD backlight with HSOT polymer developed.
  • ISO 9002 certification obtained by Enplas (U.S.A.) Inc.
  • New Corporate Philosophy announced.
  • LC sockets for LC panel lights testing developed.
Year 1997
  • Enplas Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Established.
  • Corporate logo changed.
  • Enplas Hy-cad International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established as a joint-venture company.
  • Enplas Tech (U.S.A.) Inc. acquired Tesco International, Inc., a sales agent of Semiconductor Peripherals in the U.S., to have changed its name to Enplas Tesco, Inc.
  • QS 9000 certification obtained by Enplas (U.S.A.) Inc.
Year 1998
  • Joint-venture, Enplas HN Technology Corporation established in Taiwan.
  • ISO 9002 certification obtained by Tochigi Plant.
  • High-Luminance LCD backlight with HSOT polimer (PSP-LGP) with single prism sheet developed.
  • Lens unit for CCD and CMOS cameras developed.
Year 1999
  • Enplas Hy-cad International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. changed its name to Enplas Hy-cad Electronic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • ISO 9001 certification obtained by Liquid Crystal Peripheral Division.
  • ISO 14001 certification obtained by Enplas (U.S.A.) Inc.
  • ISO 9002 certification obtained by Enplas Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd and Enplas (Korea), Inc.
  • Global Visual Conference System brought online.
  • Two plants in Malaysia merged, new plant establishment.
  • Collimator lens for optical pickups developed.
Year 2000
  • Company shares listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section.
  • Norita Optical Co., Ltd. acquired as 100% owned subsidiary by equity swap.
  • Enplas Hy-Cad Electronic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. started production.
  • Tochigi Plant No.3 completed, dedicated to manufacture of optical devices.
  • ISO 9002 certification obtained by Enplas Precision (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. and Enplas Kanuma Corporation.
  • Kyushu Office opened at Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City.
  • 1/7-inch CIF, VGA lens for mobile phones developed.
Year 2001
  • Norita Optical Co., Ltd. name-change to Enplas Optics Corporation.
  • Enplas Amsterdam Branch in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, established.
  • Main Office Building of QMS Co., Ltd. in Kamiaoki, Kawaguchi City, Saitama completed.
  • ISO 9001 certification obtained by Engineering Plastics Product Division and Opto Devices Division.
  • Enplas manual for environmental conservation completed, environmental activities implemented.
Year 2002
  • Enplas (Hong Kong) Limited established.
  • Semiconductor Peripherals Division Spun off, Enplas Semiconductor Peripheral Corporation established.
  • Automotive Division’s Office Building (Now : Kamiaoki Office) in Kamiaoki, Kawaguchi City, Saitama, completed.
  • ISO 9001 : 2000 certification obtained by Enplas Optics.
Year 2003
  • Liquid Crystal Peripheral Division Spun off, Enplas Display Device Corporation established.
  • ISO 14001 certification obtained by Tochigi Plant and Enplas Kanuma Corporation.
  • ‘Declaration of Compliance’ regarding environmental measures announced.
  • Enplas Co., (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. renamed Enplas Hi-Tech (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
  • Enplas Amsterdam Branch was reorganized to Enplas (Europe) B.V., a fully owned subsidiary of Enplas Corporation.
Year 2004
  • Enplas Hy-cad Electronic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. obtains ISO14000 certification.
  • ISO 14001 certification obtained by Enplas Optics.
  • Enplas Nanotech, Inc.established in California, U.S.A.
Year 2005
    • Kanuma Plant opened in Kanuma City. Tochigi.
    • Tochigi Plant name-changed to Yaita Plant.
    • Enplas Kanuma Corporation name changed to Enplas Seiki Corporation.
    • By increasing the investment ration, Enplas HN Technology Corporation became a consolidated subsidiary, and name changed to Enplas Niching Technology Corporation.
  • Enplas (Vietnam) co., Ltd. established in Hanoi. Vietnam.
Year 2006
  • Enplas Semiconductor Peripferal Corporation succeeded Wafer Test Business of Kulicke Soffa Company from SV Probe Company.
  • Enplas Precision (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd. obtains ISO 14001 certification.
  • Guangzhou Enplas Mechatronics Co., Ltd. is established in Guangzhou, China.
Year 2007
  • Enplas (Korea) Inc. is established in Seoul, Korea.
  • Kanuma Plant obtains ISO14001 certification.
  • Enplas (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. obtains ISO9001 certification.
Year 2008
  • Enplas Semiconductor Peripheral Corporation relocated to new building.
Year 2009
  • Light Enhancer Cap for LED TV is developed and mass production is started.
Year 2010
  • Enplas Hy-cad Electronic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. renamed Enplas Electronic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Year 2011
  • PT. Enplas Indonesia established in Indonesia.
  • Enplas Tesco,Inc. (U.S.A.) renamed Enplas Tech Solutions, Inc. (U.S.A)
  • Pinthong Factory established in Thailand.
Year 2012
  • Enplas Display Device Corporation established.
Year 2013
  • Enplas Corporation Korea Branch established.
  • Enplas Semiconductor Peripherals Pte. Ltd. is established in Singapore, and headquarter function of semiconductor peripheral business is shifted from Japnan.
  • Enplas Microtech, Inc. is established in U.S.A.
Year 2014
  • Enplas (Europe)B.V. acquiredNIKAD Electronics Limited, a sales agent of semiconductor business.(Including present Enplas (Deutschland)GmbH, Enplas (Italia)S.r.l. and Enplas (Israel)Ltd.)
  • Enplas(Israel)Ltd. Is established in Israel.
  • Bangkok Office is established.
Year 2015
  • Enplas Coporation Global Head Office is established in the Marunouchi district of Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo, Japan.
  • Enplas America, Inc. is established in U.S.A.
  • Suzhou Branch is established in China.
Year 2016
  • Enplas (Europe) Ltd. is established in United Kingdom.
  • Enplas (Europe) Ltd. merged with Enplas(Europe)B.V.
Year 2017
  • Acquire 100% ownership of PolyLinks, Inc. in U.S.A.
Year 2019
  • Enplas Niching Suzhou Co., Ltd. is established in China.
Year 2020
  • Kanuma Plant obtains IATF16949 certification.
Year 2022
  • Enplas has established Kyoto Co-Creation Center in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto.
  • Enplas Semiconductor Peripheral Corporation relocated to new building.