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Controlling LED light

Lighting devices are expanding the possibilities of LEDs

From homes to automobiles, traditional light sources are rapidly being replaced by LEDs.
Enplas’s high-precision lenses are being utilized to control LED light in such things as LCD TV backlight,
base lights, down lights, indirect lighting fixtures, and signs.

Global patents and flexible response capabilities

From an early stage, Enplas turned its focus to LED lighting which has low power consumption, a long life, and is environmentally friendly and developed LED lenses, leveraging its ultra-fine precision molding and processing technology and light control technology.
Based on the technical strength backed by patents obtained in countries around the world, we comprehensively support our customers’ lighting design and development with proactive proposals towards final products as well as lenses.
We are ready to flexibly respond to customers’ requests such as unit shape and size, placement pattern of LEDs, and further cost cutting with reduction of LED etc.

Luminous Flux Control Technology

Luminous Flux Control Technology (Light Enhancer Cap™)

Based on our original luminous flux control technology, which allows for the control of strong directional light, we develop LED lenses which fulfill the various needs of customers.



Optical design simulation

Based on the foundation of optical design technology cultivated with imaging system lenses and the light guide plates, we developed the optical components suitable for LEDs. Using optical simulation, we achieve a reduction of prototypes and overall design time.

Precision Measurement Technology

Precision measurement technology

Using various measuring instruments capable of evaluating a wide range of such things as the characteristics of surface emission, surface irradiation and outgoing beam, we conduct evaluation of optical systems suited to the characteristics of LED.

Ultraprecision Machining and Molding Technology

Precision manufacturing technology

Based on the ultra-precision processing technology cultivated from the manufacture of imaging system lenses and the microfabrication technology accumulated from the manufacture of light guide plates, we create highly advanced optical components. In addition, we are expanding our past accumulated know-how of molding irregular thickness and thin-walled products into mass production capabilities.

We have a wide variety of standard lenses to meet customer’s immediate need.

We currently mass produce a large supply of cutting-edge lenses based on global patents. Customers selecting a lens suited to their new lighting device design can expect speedy delivery after lens selection.

LCD TV・MonitorLightingSignboardSmartphone

Lighting and Sign Product Lineup


Backlight for LCD TV and Monitor

Light Diffusion Lens

By controlling the diffusion of light, we can achieve cost saving by reducing the number of LEDs, as well as meet requirements for thinner backlights.

LCD TV・Monitor


Lighting Equipment

Light Diffusion Lens / Condensing Lens / Irregular Light Distribution Lens

We have a wide variety of products to meet various customer needs in the lighting field.

BulbTube lumpBase lightDown lightIndirect lightingAgriculture



Light Diffusion Lens / Condensing Lens

In response to the growing LED sign market, we have created a wide variety of solutions for customers.

Single side SignboardDouble side SignboardExternal projection SignboardChannel letter Signboard

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