Anytime and Anywhere with Enplas -Enplas enhances the realization of more convenient and comfortable lifestyeles.- Engineering Plastics Product -Enplas offers the best gear solution based on our unbroken tradition of high technological skills.- Semiconductor Peripherals [Enplas Semiconductor Peripheral Corporation] -Enplas Semiconductor Peripheral Corporation contributes to the development and mass-production of semiconductors, based on its outstanding capacity for development, unique technology for applying high performance plastics and solid quality assurance system.- Optical Devices -Our aim is to maximize the effects of Optplanics and to provide a wide array of products for the improvement of information and communication industry that makes our life more convenient in the 21st century.- LED Business -Both luminous flux controlling and ultraprecision machining technologies enable to expand the potential of LEDs while satisfying the industry's requirements and contributing to a sustainable environment.-


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